Loyalty or Integrity? Calling Anabaptists to Revival

Loyalty This is my church. Right or wrong. I will defend my church. This is ideology.This is comfortable.This is the ten spies, not the two spies.This defends the status quo. This is playing politics.This takes no courage. We always did it this way.We will protect and defend even if some things are wrong. This destroys by allowing wrong to continue. Integrity This is my church, but something is wrong. Some things must…

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Constantine, Compromise and Consequences

Major changes in the Church were about to occur. Constantine was a Roman emperor. He wanted to rule the world. He saw a sign in the sky. It was the sign of the cross and the words, β€œIn this sign, conquer.” He went to battle believing that he would be victorious if he went with the sign of the cross on his banners. He did and he was. He believed that the…

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Jesus, Mother Hens, and Chicks

Jesus was a master of illustrations. His illustrations resonated with His hearers. He knew the community and their experiences. He exploited that to bless them. As a boy on the farm years ago, we had chickens running loose around the farm buildings. Roosters and hens were prolific and plentiful. Memorable were the occasions when the tiny, newly hatched chicks scurried for cover and protection under the wings of the mother hen. The…

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