The Kingdom Outpost is an expression and outgrowth of our firm belief that, in coming to earth and establishing the church, Jesus inaugurated His Kingdom. Jesus’ Kingdom is found among both the corporate and scattered body of Jesus’ disciples—the church—who choose to live under the rule of King Jesus and practice His teachings, including brotherly love and nonviolence. While we wait for Jesus’ return and the full realization of the Kingdom, the church serves as an outpost, proclaiming the Good News and inviting others to join us as we build up faithful communities and commit our very lives to the service of King Jesus.

What does that look like for the Kingdom Outpost specifically? 

We desire to be a hub to spread the good news of the Kingdom through audio, video, visual, and written content and to provide connections between Kingdom-building endeavors.  

The Kingdom Outpost was envisioned, not because of a lack of Kingdom-focused content, but because we believe that much of that content is ill-situated to reach communities outside of the Anabaptist community and other adjacent movements.  However, we firmly believe that this message is for everyone everywhere and desire for all to have the Gospel shared with them in a way they can understand and connect with.  We also recognize that many people absorb information best in different formats.  Consequently, we are committed to making content accessible by utilizing different forms of digital media.

Our Desired Outcome

The six core values we wish to encourage in the church at large, flowing from a Kingdom focus, are known as “mere devotion” – prayer, reading the Scriptures, pursuing holiness, building up the church as incarnational communities, caring for the poor and carrying out the Great Commission.  Our greatest desire is to see people enter into an apprenticeship (whether new or deepened) under Jesus Christ.

Our Platforms

Main hub.  Shares and hosts both original and reproduced content with a focus on Kingdom theology, a Kingdom worldview, missions and practical living. 

Kingdom Outpost Podcast Network 

Brings together Kingdom-centered podcasts, including those about life, womanhood, theology, missions and politics. These podcasts will belong to a network but have creative freedom and autonomy. The podcasts are invited and selected based on our core values and shared beliefs.

Kingdom Outpost YouTube Channel

Contains playlists from other Kingdom-centered channels on a variety of topics and will also host original videos expounding and sharing our core values.

Kingdom Outpost Social Media

Our Facebook and Instagram and email list will provide updates regarding content from the website and other platforms.

Get Involved!

  • If you are a writer or content creator who is (1) passionate about the vision outlined above and (2) in general agreement with our Statement of Belief, please reach out to us at  Check out a summary of the content we’re looking for below.
  • If you desire to help us cover the fees associated with hosting a website and eventually expanding our content and the reach of our message, please consider making a financial contribution. You can donate directly to our PayPal account here.
  • We value both your prayers and your honest feedback.

Content Summary

  • Media types: videos, articles, podcasts, graphics, etc.
  • Be written/produced for and understandable to a larger English-speaking Christian audience (not niche i.e. Anabaptist-specific, but from a Kingdom perspective).
  • Promote one of the following:
    • A Kingdom vision for the church 
    • Christ-centred hermeneutic and understanding of Scriptures
    • The six core values of mere devotion: prayer, reading the Scriptures, pursuing holiness, building up the church as incarnational communities, caring for the poor and carrying out the Great Commission.
    • Relating to world events from a Kingdom perspective
    • Applying Jesus’s teachings across all aspects of our daily life and communities