Let it Shine is a podcast by Kendrick Byler that covers life, stories and mental health. You can subscribe for updates through official website, Facebook and Instagram.

Hi I am Kendrick Byler!

First off, thanks so much for checking out the website and supporting the podcast. When I was 11 years old I had a dream of one day starting a podcast. I love how podcasts can make your day so joyful and make you forgot about the hard times. I also love how podcasts can challenge you and make you think more deeply. Fast forward 9 years and boom Let it Shine was born. The name Let it shine comes from Matthew 5: 14-16 and I loved the idea of letting our stories shine and being a witness to others. Little did I know that what I thought was going to be a small little hobby with maybe 2 listeners (my mother and myself) God has taken and turned it into something incredible. I have gotten many a message saying how God has used this podcast to change their lives. I cannot do that. My guests on the podcast cannot do that. Only God can do that