ThinkTruth is a site for Anabaptist young people led by a team including senior editor Drew Barnard, editor Sergei Kravets and site manager Elijah Lloyd. Podcast episodes have discussed topics on society and culture such as evangelism, tradition and the art of thinking.

We want to impact this generation of Anabaptist people through training them to think properly—to really engage with the problems that our communities face today. Thinking is not just using bigger words or reading thicker books. It is learning the mind of Christ—learning to love God and others more.

We want to join with God’s people in building His Church, while understanding our place in redemptive history. Although we get that there will be strong opinions and differences, especially when we address somewhat controversial issues, we wish to show God’s love to the world through uncompromised truth, and never to promote meaningless doctrinal warfare and negativity.