Unfeigned Christianity by Asher Witmer features raw conversations wrestling through relevant issues of faith, sexuality, race, relationships, community and everything else in life that tests the genuineness of our Christian faith.

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Christianity can be a real mess, sometimes. I love Jesus and he has absolutely transformed my life. I love his people. And, although at times it’s difficult, I see so much beauty in the work he does in and through the church. But walking with Jesus and letting him do his work is not always beautiful.

It’s not always easy.

If we’re not careful, we can settle into a rut of going through the motions and not staying engaged with our hearts in our faith.

On this podcast, we’re going to have conversations about those things that sometimes feel too messy to talk about. We’re going to lay “on the table” all the cards as we journey through the difficult parts of walking with Jesus and loving others.