Debates have been an exciting new platform for sharing about the values of Jesus’s peaceful kingdom and engaging with the larger theological world. To this end, we’ve compiled some of our favourite debates by David Bercot, Dean Taylor, Matthew Milioni and Titus Kuepfer.

On March 28, 2014, Anchor-Cross Publishing and Followers of the Way sponsored a debate on the subject of just war. We sought to bring leading thinkers together to discuss the issue in historic Faneuil Hall in downtown Boston. Speaking on behalf of just war were Dr. Peter Kreeft (professor of philosophy at Boston College) and Dr. J. Daryl Charles (Berry College). Speaking against just war and for biblical nonresistance were David Bercot and Dean Taylor.

The Society for the Two Tasks held a debate on Saturday, November 5th at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. Speaking for Christian’s getting engaged in politics and voting was Josh Good. Josh did his Master’s degree at Harvard in Christianity and culture. He currently serves as team leader for the Faith, Work, and Economics Program for the Kern Foundation. Very knowledgeable about religion and politics, he has written for many publications such as the National Review, The Weekly Standard, The Washington Times, and Patheos. Josh covered important questions about principles of voting from a Christian perspective.” The other position is that Christians should not engage in earthly politics or vote, believing that it necessarily involves compromise that Jesus taught his followers to avoid. This view maintains that Jesus did not model involvement in earthly government, but rather prophetic witness. This view further argues that voting and political engagement actually defeats the church, which could have greater impact if it were to focus on service outside of government. This view was argued by Matthew Milioni, an excellent speaker and articulate advocate of the historic Christian position of nonviolence and Christians functioning as ambassadors to the nations of this world.

Titus Kuepfer debates Pastor Doug Wilson on the subject of Just War and Pacifism

Titus Kuepfer debates Teddi Pappas on pacifism on a podcast hosted by Skeptics and Seekers

Titus Kuepfer, an Anabaptist, debates Caleb Mullins, a Greek Orthodox belief, on pacifism