Loyalty or Integrity? Calling Anabaptists to Revival

Loyalty This is my church. Right or wrong. I will defend my church. This is ideology.This is comfortable.This is the ten spies, not the two spies.This defends the status quo. This is playing politics.This takes no courage. We always did it this way.We will protect and defend even if some things are wrong. This destroys by allowing wrong to continue. Integrity This is my church, but something is wrong. Some things must…

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(Short Video) We’re missing the point of “Anabaptism”

https://youtu.be/zgGGnsBnhiE A major point in Reformation history is staring us straight in the face. The Anabaptists never called themselves Anabaptists. They just called themselves "disciples", "brothers". There's a reason why everyone else started calling them Anabaptists, which basically became like a synonym for "crazy radical". It was an easy way to dismiss what they had to say. Menno Simons would say, "True evangelical faith...". That is what they were preaching. That is…

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God Loves the Wicked? A New Theodicy

[For an extended audio version of this article, check out the podcast episode]Theodicies are a big deal. Whether you know the term "theodicy" or not, you probably know a theodicy or two if you're a Christian. It's pretty much required, as remaining a Christian without knowing a few theodicies would be intellectually difficult. Whether you yourself have struggled with doubt about God and his goodness, or whether someone you know has struggled…

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New Testament “Slavery Texts” and the Gospel of the Kingdom 

Why does the New Testament tell slaves to submit to their masters? Numerous passages give advice to slaves. Some give advice to Christian slave masters. How can this fit with the gospel of the Kingdom and the proclamation of God’s righteousness? If we hear these “slavery texts” rightly, they can offer us fresh insight regarding the upside-down kingdom of Christ and what it means to take up our own cross and experience…

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Is Capitalism “The” Christian Economy?

There has been much written about threats to the United States.  When I was a boy, the Soviet Union and the communist threat there was thought to be the biggest danger to life as we know it.  Now, some are more worried about China, but from an economic standpoint, it seems that many believe that there are horrible things waiting for the United States as it hurries down a path leading to…

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April 2022 Coloring Contest – Gift-cards to Be Won

Adults and children, get your paints and coloring pencils ready! From John Foxe's "Book of Martyrs" to Thieleman van Braght's "Martyr's Mirror", stories of faithful disciples of Jesus have been passed down not only through word and page, but also through art. In 1685, accomplished Dutch artist Jan Luyken illustrated the valiant testimonies of Dirk Willems and Anna Jansz, creating pictures that bring to our memory the lives they led, and gave…

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Refugee Crisis in Ukraine – How to Help!

Pastor Lavern Hershberger, Lolita Hershberger, and Annaliese Hershberger serve near Warsaw, Poland and have been working among refugees coming from Ukraine, helping meet the diverse needs that grow each day in whatever ways they can. They have made a video sharing about the refugee crisis. More info about Anabaptist International Ministries in Poland/ Paypal: https://www.paypal.me/lavernrh https://youtu.be/Q8eRGIwqP0Q

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