The Kingdom Outpost was started as a hub bringing together and building up communities, “outposts” of Jesus’s Kingdom, through podcasts, videos, articles, blogs, emails, social media and other resources. What we’re hoping to do build a platform around a Christ-centered “Kingdom vision” – discipleship, nonviolence or radical love, nonconformity, and turning the world “upside-down”.

What we are here to do is gather and network “Kingdom” voices, joined by our allegiance and brotherhood and representing a range of valuable viewpoints, backgrounds and perspectives. We hope to engage with the larger Christian world – in the past four months, the website has reached nearly 6,000 visitors from countries such as the United States, India, Canada, Nepal, Ireland, Bangladesh, Germany, the UK and China.

We’re looking for articles, videos, podcasts and more! Do get in touch through social media or email today.

If you have a testimony, want to share your journey and questions with us, or simply have thoughts and musings, we would love to share and platform that! It’s not about reaching the end of your destination, having all the answers or having everything perfectly together – that’s too tall of an order for anybody. Rather, what we’d love to do is journey together and unburden the things on our hearts that we’re passionate about, that we believe really matter.

Themes and Topics!

(1) The Kingdom VisionAllegiance, Worldview, and Current Events

On the “Kingdom vision”, we’re looking for exploring what the Kingdom of God means in terms of allegiance and worldview. Previous content includes:

We’re also looking for a Kingdom perspective on world events and current issues, such as the capital riots, COVID-19 vaccines and the recent Israeli-Palestinian clashes.

(2) Spiritual Growth, Devotion, and Testimonies

On the devotion life, growing spiritually and loving Jesus, we’re looking for thoughts and testimonies, on themes such as prayer, reading the Scriptures, and pursuing holiness.

We’re also looking for personal testimonies about your journey with the Lord, i.e.:

(3) Relationships, Justice and Missions

Finally, we’re looking to publish content about what it really means for the rubber to hit the road in terms of how we relate to one another and the world at large.

We’re looking for articles about life, living and relationships for men, women and churches. Previous content includes:

Another huge question is how justice and righteousness can be lived out in missions, adoption, advocacy and other areas. Here’s some previous content we’ve published in this area – even hard conversations about difficult topics and challenges Christians face today.

Of course, the primary way we can do justice and transform the world is through missions. We’re looking for articles that inspire more believers to catch that Great Commission vision as well as challenge and convict us as we do so.

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