(That Jesus Podcast) Ep.57 Sex is Good!

"In this final episode in our series on sex and gender, Dru and Lisl have a (mostly) unscripted conversation about God's good design for sex. Learn about the sex lives of camel drivers and whether sex is more like glue or a crescent wrench." Also check out previous episodes on sexual holiness, same-sex attraction, transgender identity, pornography, and more!

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Jesus, Mother Hens, and Chicks

Jesus was a master of illustrations. His illustrations resonated with His hearers. He knew the community and their experiences. He exploited that to bless them. As a boy on the farm years ago, we had chickens running loose around the farm buildings. Roosters and hens were prolific and plentiful. Memorable were the occasions when the tiny, newly hatched chicks scurried for cover and protection under the wings of the mother hen. The…

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(Podcast) Interviews with Dr. Preston Sprinkle: Sexual Holiness and Transgender Identity

Today we are starting our series on sex and gender! Our first guest is someone we have both followed for a while--Dr. Preston Sprinkle. Preston lays out some of the problems with what Dru calls the purity industrial complex and helps us frame the conversation in a more healthy way. Our latest episode tackles an extremely sensitive topic: transgender. We were thrilled to be joined by Dr. Preston Sprinkle to discuss some…

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Discovering Worship

For years I puzzled over the meaning of worship.  My church wasn’t big on catechism at all, but one year we had catechism in school. One of the questions was, “What is worship?   Answer:  Worship is that attitude in the heart that finds expression in outward acts of prayer and praise and service.” Growing up religious can almost cause a person to ignore thinking seriously about it.  When one hears words…

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That Jesus Podcast: Same-Sex Attraction

How common is unwanted same-sex attraction? What should a person do about it? That Jesus Podcast continues its series on sex and gender, with Abram sharing his experience growing up Old Order Mennonite while wrestling with same-sex attraction. Listen as he cuts through assumptions and myths about this topic. https://podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/55-same-sex-attraction-feat-abram-martin/id1487348559?i=1000522931680

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(VIDEO) Gospel in Brief: Old and New Testaments

Here's a wonderful resource for those looking to study the gospel through the Old and New Testaments with a Kingdom focus. Andrew Power, who attends a small home fellowship with his family in Arkansas, filmed and recorded these professionally and is planning to put out more written and video resources in due course! His channel is called Jesus Nation on YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OICkQgs3Bjc https://youtu.be/EbsUhywXa_I https://youtu.be/jDPOxj86n04?list=TLPQMTcwNTIwMjHaZbHfZ59d2A

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Discipleship as Education: What Jesus Taught Us About Teaching

When Jesus calls us to be His disciples, He calls us to learn (Matthew 11:29). When Jesus trained and sent His disciples out, He appointed them as teachers (Matthew 28:16-20). Because the first disciples went out and taught all nations and discipled them according to Jesus's command, including the command to go and teach all nations, the gospel has been passed down to us today "by word and by letter" (2 Thessalonians…

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