If you ever get past deciphering the title you are in for a real treat today. Our friends Rebekah and Christopher joined us to push back on Titus’ insensitivity in the last episode. We went long, just like your deconstruction should (unless you believe in reconstruction like Dru).

Following a previous episode featuring a discussion of deconstruction with Titus Kuepfer and Dru Lattin as well as an article I published here on the Kingdom Outpost last Friday, Christopher Witmer (from the Third Way Podcast) and I were invited to join an after-show of sorts on That Jesus Podcast to dig into deconstruction again and what it means on our personal journeys.

This is a very current and relevant topic in the church, especially after the tumultuous year that was 2020. If anything, it’s something that I believe is shaking the church and bringing us closer to the Kingdom vision that we strive to center here on the Kingdom Outpost Is a second radical reformation happening? You decide! If you have thoughts on the issue and our discussions on the subject both in podcast and article form, feel free to email or comment below!

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