(Video) Have we misunderstood the cross? An essay on spirituality and suffering

(First published on September 26, 2021) https://youtu.be/7elTybuOA7U The way of the Cross means sacrifice,As to God you yield your allTo be laid on the altar, the place of death,Where fire will surely fall.Mary E. Maxwell For a long time I was quite passionate about the idea that God calls us to take up the cross and sacrifice everything for Him. I believed a Christianity centered around this was the one thing badly…

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Engaging Women with the Bible and Theology: Off-Script with Kristi Mast

https://youtu.be/cl5NfiQjjLM How do we get women engaged in studying the Bible and theology? How do we get them on fire about faith and following Jesus? Kristi Mast is a Biblical Studies major passionate about community-situated discipleship and spiritual growth in her community. We sat down to have a wonderful conversation about women thriving and growing in the Body. Off-script conversations now available on Anchor.Fm and Spotify.

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Adoption is Beautiful

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5GMJsD72Z4M Jenna Kurtz blogs on Instagram @adoptionis_beautiful and recently made a video about pain and brokenness. Follow her Instagram page and YouTube channel for more! My Adoption Story I was born when my mother was in prison for drug and alcohol abuse. I do not know where my father was; he wasn’t really involved in my life. My parents were not married but lived together off and on. My mom asked my…

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Mere Devotion in the Life of John Wesley

What would happen if we started following Jesus seriously, if we let nothing in the way of loving God with all our heart and soul and strength? What would happen if all our passion and energy were mustered for the Kingdom of God, and we lived our life merely devoted to Him? A look at the life of John Wesley might encourage us in this regard. In Aldersgate, north London, there once…

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Seven Compelling Books to Read This Fall

The Myth of a Christian Religion by Gregory A. Boyd The kingdom of God is in opposition to the kingdoms of this world. However, the church has often muddled this truth. This has resulted in conflicting values and idolatry. This book addresses twelve issues from racial justice to the stewardship of the planet. Engaging with questions that the modern church faces, Greg Boyd discusses what it looks like to practically live the…

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Through Doubt and Deconstruction: Loving the Ex-Christian

There was a time in my life where I didn't feel comfortable calling myself a Christian. There were doubts I struggled with. I was tired of living up to other peoples’ expectations. I had a hard time reconciling the Christianity I had been taught and the reality of violence in Christendom. I had a hard time figuring out why radical, zealous Christians went to the Bible and came away with oppressive teachings…

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Fasting? A Journey

“Prayer is for normal Christians. Fasting is for super-spiritual Christians.”  I don’t think anyone ever told me this directly, but it’s the impression I got, growing up in the general modern Mennonite/white evangelical culture. Preachers sometimes informed us of the long fasts they did. “The hunger pains go away by about day three,” they’d say loftily. But if my peers fasted, they never discussed it with me, and my Sunday School teachers…

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