“Kingship “- Sermon by George MacDonald

"Kingship", a sermon by George MacDonald, was first published in 1867. The entire e-book is available on Project Gutenberg. As part of our "classics" series, we have shared excerpts of writings such as by Pilgram Marpeck and Janneken Muntsdorp. A reader recently recommended we share some of George MacDonald's writings as well - do send us your recommendations for resources and writings that focus on Christ's Kingdom! Art thou a king then?…

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Is “Critical Theory” against the gospel?

It's particularly interesting when Christian and academic worlds intersect, particularly on a current socio-political issue like "critical race theory". Across the Christian world, we see a lot of debate about what this really means and how it affects us as Christians. In fact, we hear a lot of allegations that it's fundamentally "anti-gospel". One particular resource I would like to recommend is the recent series by Asher Witmer on "Critical Race Theory".…

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Discipleship and Submission in the Church

When Jesus gathered His disciples to Him soon before the ascension, He said, “go and make disciples of all nations”. He didn’t say, “go and build churches” or even “go and establish My reign” - not that we are not to do these things, but we are to first and foremost make disciples and teach them, and thus establish the reign of God. Today's article is a bit of a word study…

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Christian Nonviolence Q&R (feat. Jon Carlson)

https://youtu.be/2qaYeSqbORQ If your family was attacked, what would you do to protect your children and spouse? Is there a difference between state-sanctioned and personal violence? Does nonviolence mean doing nothing in the face of terrible evil? Pastor Jon Carlson created a Question and Response series on Christian Nonviolence looking at ten weighty questions. The full playlist is available Facebook here. 00:01 Isn't nonviolence hypocritical?01:25 Does non-resistance require neutrality?03:07 If your family was…

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The Case for Christian Nonviolence (on Tiktok!)

https://www.tiktok.com/@thewayfourth/video/7019995068090043653?is_copy_url=1&is_from_webapp=v1 Ever wanted an easy-to-follow guide to Christian nonviolence you could share with friends? How do you answer the common objections folks might have? Derek Kreider from the Fourth Way Podcast has produced a 14-part TikTok series on Christian nonviolence, covering the Scriptures, early church history and objections from history, the Scriptures and real life. He also covers Just War Theory and nonviolent action. View the whole series here! Or visit the…

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On Being Seen and Heard: Revoice as a Coming Home

Eric Miller shares his experience at Revoice21, a conference from October 7-9, with the mission "to support and encourage gay, lesbian, bisexual, and other same-sex attracted Christians—as well as those who love them—so that all in the Church might be empowered to live in gospel unity while observing the historic Christian doctrine of marriage and sexuality."

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Moving Beyond Hot Takes: Preston Sprinkle’s approach to controversial topics

One of the few positive things about the endless stream of hot takes, Twitter wars, and podcast rants that surround us today, is that truly thoughtful engagement with Scripture in public forums stands out. When followers of Jesus dig into the Word for guidance, rather than wielding it as a weapon in the latest internet squabble, we should all notice.  That’s why I appreciated Preston Sprinkle’s recent two-part series on the Christian…

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