A major point in Reformation history is staring us straight in the face. The Anabaptists never called themselves Anabaptists. They just called themselves “disciples”, “brothers”. There’s a reason why everyone else started calling them Anabaptists, which basically became like a synonym for “crazy radical”. It was an easy way to dismiss what they had to say.

Menno Simons would say, “True evangelical faith…”. That is what they were preaching. That is what they were promoting.

It wasn’t meant to be some very niche culture or sect. They sectarian-ized Anabaptists so that they didn’t have to listen to what they had to say. They didn’t have to listen to what their critiques were of a church that had compromised itself with power.

The mission of the Kingdom Outpost is that we want that to change. Events like January 6 serve to remind us that the crux of Christianity is the Kingdom of God.

Nonviolence, discipleship, nonconformity, the doctrine of the Kingdom – these are not niche ideas for weird people. They are for all Christians, and it’s time we started listening.

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