Episodes 10 and 11 of the Kingdom Women’s Podcast are ones you will not want to miss! Follow us the Kingdom Women Podcast on Facebook for regular updates.

Episode 10: Husbands, Wives and Marriage Relationships

What do the Kingdom husbands have to say about marriage and relationships? Follow along for this very special episode, where husbands Joel, Noel and Jason join the Kingdom women to talk about what they’ve learned over the years and how they’ve come to value mutually honoring, loving, and serving one another as husbands and wives. These are amazing yet ordinary journeys and stories of men and women overcoming stereotypes and cultural expectations to flourish in who God made them to be.

Episode 11: The Worth and Place of Woman

What is a woman’s place? What is her purpose, her calling and her destiny? Following the exciting vision shared by husbands and wives for Christ-centered marriages in episode 10, we explore our role in the Kingdom and our relationships with one another.

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