Unsung Heroes: Women of the Radical Reformation

When you grow up in an Anabaptist culture, the history of your ancestors is often taught across the pulpit, in school, and even at home. Names like Conrad Grebel, Michael Sattler, Dirk Willems, Menno Simons, and many more are names that are almost as familiar as Moses, Noah, Abraham, and David. Our ancestors believed that being baptized as a baby was not enough and chose to be rebaptized when they were born…

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Repenting of Nationalism

I have heard the phrase “Christian Nationalism” floating around a lot recently. Not too many years ago I would not have really understood what that was, although it had great influence on my thinking. Reading the book "Fight" by Preston Sprinkle suddenly made me aware of how my “normal way of thinking” contradicted some things in Scripture. If repentance means “to change my mind”, I repented of my American Nationalism rather slowly.…

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