Growing Greener Grass: A Challenge to Kingdom Christians

At different times throughout “plain” Anabaptist history, there have been new movements that have had a significant impact on the Anabaptist movement as a whole.  Many religious movements gain traction whenever there are significant missing components within a particular segment of the church that truly need addressed, whether spiritual, scriptural, or relational in nature.   Doctrinal statements are written at various times in church history to address heresies that are being promoted in…

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“Indigenous” Church Planting in North America

In spite of kingdom Christians spending millions of dollars on evangelistic efforts and starting hundreds of ministries and programs, there does not seem to be a corresponding influx of unsaved and unchurched people coming into our churches. I’m not aware of any kingdom Christian church in the USA or Canada that has been in existence for more than ten years, in which the majority of those who comprise the church were either…

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