The Temptation of Bibliolatry

I often read the Bible with an air of arrogance. Sometimes I elevate myself above the foolish Israelites who, even after seeing God part the red sea or deliver them from empire, still choose to rebel against this omnipotent and benevolent God. At other times I am appalled at the Ancient Near East’s barbaric practices like that of sacrificing their own children to the gods. Clearly, I am so much better than…

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Political Rebirth and the Kingdom of God

The book of John is among one of four gospels in the New Testament, yet it is in a class of its own. While the other three gospels, Matthew, Mark, and Luke, are considered synoptic gospels, John is quite a bit different. John frames his gospel to accentuate various teachings not highlighted as much in the other gospels, particularly the teaching of the divinity of Jesus, the Christ. We get a glimpse…

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Face to Face with the Consuming Fire

Three verses have long been troubling to me: Exodus 33:20, I Timothy 6:16, and John 1:18. Each of these verses declares that God cannot be seen, either because he is invisible and spirit, or because if we saw him we could no longer live. What is particularly troubling about these verses is that they seem patently false. Genesis 32:30 tells us that Jacob saw God face to face and Exodus 33:11 tells us…

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The Case for Christian Nonviolence (on Tiktok!) Ever wanted an easy-to-follow guide to Christian nonviolence you could share with friends? How do you answer the common objections folks might have? Derek Kreider from the Fourth Way Podcast has produced a 14-part TikTok series on Christian nonviolence, covering the Scriptures, early church history and objections from history, the Scriptures and real life. He also covers Just War Theory and nonviolent action. View the whole series here! Or visit the…

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The Broken Body: Communion and Community

Communion is an extremely important event for Christians, or at least it should be. Jesus tells us that it’s something we ought to do in remembrance of him, and many faith traditions believe that there is a very real, but mystical means of grace which is manifested in the meal. Our church, and many other churches in our denomination, partake of communion weekly, as we strongly value the mystical bond of communion, not only in its binding…

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Is the Gospel Enough? Contemplating Social Justice

In the light of the public outcry against racial injustice and violence in 2020, Derek Kreider contemplates the Christian response. Is it enough to "just preach the gospel"? What is a holistic Kingdom-of-God approach to justice in the world today?

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