New Testament “Slavery Texts” and the Gospel of the Kingdom 

Why does the New Testament tell slaves to submit to their masters? Numerous passages give advice to slaves. Some give advice to Christian slave masters. How can this fit with the gospel of the Kingdom and the proclamation of God’s righteousness? If we hear these “slavery texts” rightly, they can offer us fresh insight regarding the upside-down kingdom of Christ and what it means to take up our own cross and experience…

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Is Capitalism “The” Christian Economy?

There has been much written about threats to the United States.  When I was a boy, the Soviet Union and the communist threat there was thought to be the biggest danger to life as we know it.  Now, some are more worried about China, but from an economic standpoint, it seems that many believe that there are horrible things waiting for the United States as it hurries down a path leading to…

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