April 2022 Coloring Contest – Gift-cards to Be Won

Adults and children, get your paints and coloring pencils ready! From John Foxe's "Book of Martyrs" to Thieleman van Braght's "Martyr's Mirror", stories of faithful disciples of Jesus have been passed down not only through word and page, but also through art. In 1685, accomplished Dutch artist Jan Luyken illustrated the valiant testimonies of Dirk Willems and Anna Jansz, creating pictures that bring to our memory the lives they led, and gave…

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More with Less: The Politics of Jesus in Everyday Living

The question we need to ask is, are we operating by the world's definition of "politics" and Kingdomhood, or Jesus's? What did He do that was political, that threatened Herod, Pilate and Caesar? The Kingdom of God is not merely to be proclaimed, it is to be lived. Our lives, our communities, our social interactions, our private household comings-and-goings - these are where we are called to do the politics of Jesus.…

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The Temptation of Power

“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”  --Lord ActonYes, sooner or later – later, if he is strong or well meaning to begin with – but neither strength nor good purpose will last – sooner or later the Dark Power will devour him.”  -- J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring The history of the world is rife with stories of men who made power their aim.  Looking back to…

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