Face to Face with the Consuming Fire

Three verses have long been troubling to me: Exodus 33:20, I Timothy 6:16, and John 1:18. Each of these verses declares that God cannot be seen, either because he is invisible and spirit, or because if we saw him we could no longer live. What is particularly troubling about these verses is that they seem patently false. Genesis 32:30 tells us that Jacob saw God face to face and Exodus 33:11 tells us…

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Racism and the Way of the Cross

Guy Hershberger wrote "The Way of the Cross in Human Relations" in 1958. In the book, he explored the cross as a definition of life in the Kingdom of God and applied it to contemporary challenges. Today, we share an excerpt on the subject of racism. His views on this subject reflect a refusal to conform to the prevailing views of society of his day and even of many "Christians". Instead, he…

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From leaven to loaf: the Kingdom in 2022

Capturing wild yeast in the Tudor period - Source It's quite interesting watching yeast at work. It is everywhere, ostensibly - on the peel of pears and grapes, in the air, etc. Medieval bakers did not quite know what it was, but they knew what it did. They would set a bowl of flour and water out in the field or under an apple tree. Over time, slowly gaining strength and multiplying,…

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(Video) Courageous Love: The Story of Dirk Willems

When our survival instinct kicks in, it's often every man and women for themselves. Yet, in the moment of crisis, one courageous young man, Dirk Willems, made a decision that cost him everything. He chose the way of love. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G1Uw-E3tAHU Narration by Patrick Schrock / Video by Rebekah Mui The year was 1569. Holland was under the rule of the Spanish King Philip the Second. The dikes around the village of Asperen…

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