Seven Compelling Books to Read This Fall

The Myth of a Christian Religion by Gregory A. Boyd The kingdom of God is in opposition to the kingdoms of this world. However, the church has often muddled this truth. This has resulted in conflicting values and idolatry. This book addresses twelve issues from racial justice to the stewardship of the planet. Engaging with questions that the modern church faces, Greg Boyd discusses what it looks like to practically live the…

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Kingdom Women Podcast: Marriage, Missions and Ministry (feat. Dru and Lisl Lattin) What is it like for men and women to serve together in the Kingdom? How  do couples share a vision, and whose vision should it be? How do parents  handle protecting and involving their children on the missions field?  This week, we feature three couples who've served in ministry and  missions in North America, Africa and Asia together and share nuggets of  wisdom they've picked up along the way.    FB:…

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Rejecting the World’s Narratives, Embracing Jesus

Two southern Baptists decry the treatment of Christian martyrs overseas.  In the next sentence, they doom local Catholic and Orthodox attendees to hell all by themselves, for their idolatrous practice. Maybe they know those martyrs overseas were Orthodox, maybe they don't.  A short drive north from there, similar-minded evangelicals are praising the Catholic souls trying to save lives in front of an abortion clinics. “These are true Christians!”, they say. But in…

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Messages from the ICU

“He was pretty sick,” the nurse told me. “He kept telling me that he was in his 50s and that he was pretty healthy except for a little blood pressure and so he had thought he’d be fine. We started on him on dexamethasone, Remdesivir, heparin, and oxygen.” “How was his family?” I asked. “His wife and daughter were pretty upset, but they all thought he’d be OK. He felt pretty bad and kept telling us that he wished he’d gotten vaccinated.”

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Kingdom Women Podcast: Marriage and the Value and Worth of Women

Episodes 10 and 11 of the Kingdom Women's Podcast are ones you will not want to miss! Follow us the Kingdom Women Podcast on Facebook for regular updates. Episode 10: Husbands, Wives and Marriage Relationships What do the Kingdom husbands have to say about marriage and relationships? Follow along for this very special episode, where husbands Joel, Noel and Jason join the Kingdom women to talk about what they've learned over the…

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Atonement and the Kingdom

Does our view of the atonement affect how we live as the Kingdom? This excerpt from "Apostolic Foundations", written by a kingdom-minded Pentecostal Christian, explores the idea of Christ's triumph over the powers and our reigning with Him. We do not mean to promote everything by this author, nor to promote any specific view of the atonement as an "official position", only to suggest that conversations around theologies such as atonement benefit…

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(That Jesus Podcast) Ep. 63 Deconstructing our Deconstruction of Deconstruction

If you ever get past deciphering the title you are in for a real treat today. Our friends Rebekah and Christopher joined us to push back on Titus' insensitivity in the last episode. We went long, just like your deconstruction should (unless you believe in reconstruction like Dru). Following a previous episode featuring a discussion of deconstruction with Titus Kuepfer and Dru Lattin as well as an article I published here on…

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